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Plastic free and Sustainable Linen Fabric in Original designs
Handmade Vegetable Tanned Kangaroo Wallets in Australia

   Based in Ballarat, Australia, Kossalii was born out of the desire to create quality, 100% handcrafted and original designs.

As a couple and a small craft company, we live a simple way and join our efforts to have as little impact on the planet as we can.

We are proud to present entirely plastic-free items made with the utmost, eco-responsible and wear-resistant materials .

All our leather is vegetable tanned and sourced ethically from the finest tanneries and we select sustainable fabrics, threads and dyes.

   Camille, who has a background in Arts and illustration, creates all the patterns and carves them by hand on lino or rubber.

Using the traditional block printing technique, the fabric or leather is carefully stamped manually by herself.

After the printing is complete, every piece is assembled and sewn with organic cotton threads.

   We choose to mainly use linen fabric for its durability and its methods of production known to be low water consuming and not requiring fertilizers or pesticides. 

Linen comes from flax plants and is known to have a natural ability to prevent bacterial growth and is therefore hypoallergenic.

Hand Block Printed Leather and Fabric by Artists
Hand Stitched Full Grain Leather Wallets in original designs

   The making of our leather products is a great endeavour.
In the workshop, Jaewoo creates original designs that will come to life after a long series of hands-on process.

 With traditional techniques and savoir-faire, every product is carefully and finely hand stitched with linen thread, giving optimal sturdiness.

   Kossalii uses exclusively full grain vegetable tanned leather.
Vegetable tanned leather is processed with natural extracts form plants, 
the trunk and bark of trees. This most traditional and naturally processed leather will have a beautiful patina as it ages revealing its rich colour.

  Full grain leather refers to the skin that has not been artificially corrected to remove imperfections. Retaining its natural form, the full grain
leather is known as strongest and most durable.


   Passionate about Nature, we love a full immersion in its beauty where Jaewoo can nurture his other passion for photography.

   Meanwhile, Camille enjoys meandering amongst plants and trees where she can fulfill her love for botanic.

Nature Loving Makers of Arts and Crafts