Tote Bag

These bags are best everyday allies with 3 layers of fabric and wadding which make them very sturdy yet delicate, light and soft to touch.
Simple, large and comfortable you can carry this bag in any circumstance. Original and pretty, they can contain a great amount of loads without pain. The straps are, indeed, padded with bamboo wadding making it great for groceries, carrying books, laptops, to take to the beach and more adventures.


The inks are children safe, non-toxic, acid free and water based.
The colour intensity may vary with wash but will remain vivid and long lasting.
We recommend to hand wash our items and line dry them.


Tote Bag

  • Material:
    -Upper: 100% Baltic linen
    -Lining: Organic Calico
    -Wadding: Bamboo Fibers
    -Straps: linen and Bamboo

    -H: 34cm (13.5 inch)
    -L: 40cm (16 inch)
    -W: 6cm (2.5 inch)

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