Updated: Aug 9, 2021

Handcrafted items using sustainable material
Sustainable items

In this very first post, we decided to present you an overview of why we think a "blog like" page is essential for us to write.

This journal is a great bridge to detail and communicate our passion, knowledge, ethics and choices in our work and lifestyle.

We are willing to provide a space where we can interact with you and give away some tips or extra information on materials we use, some partners we work with who share the beauty of traditional craftmanship and what inspire us the most.

As we often mention, there is a great sense of satisfaction in providing items we put so much thoughts and love to create. Above all, sharing this passion with others, may you be a craft person or someone who like to support small businesses, is a meaningful part of our work too.

All our efforts are going towards the same goal: Giving the best of us into making durable, high quality and practical accessories.

There is a fantastic wave of people across the world who are either developing sustainable concepts or advocating for a more responsible way to consume in opposition to an ever growing cheap mass production which often neglects human rights and fails to protect its surroundings.

This is one of the reasons why we love to share on our experience as small company working with likeminded suppliers or actors for a better environment.

Sustainability and Altruism will always be Kossalii's first Motto.

Australian made sustainable small business
Australian small business

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